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Go Goa !!!

Posted in Travelogue by Apoorv on April 9, 2006

Aah,such a relief !!!

After a hectic week at work , got some breathing time,for a day…
And am going to be neck deep busy with work for another couple of weeks :(.

And missed out on so many things I was planning to blog about,better late than never !!

First there was A lot I had to write about the Goa trip,I could have started with travelogue there in Goa itself,had I taken my Laptop with fme,sorely missed my companion on trip !!
It was loads of fun,going there with long time friends.
I can rememeber atlest 5-6 incidents when we ended up scraping Goa trip for a reason or the other…
And this time it was like everything fell in place,all the 5-6 guys got leaves from work without much problem,which usually doesnt happen.And had we missed the bus this time ,the Goa trip would not have ever seen the light of day as some of guys are going to tie the knot by year end ,and that means we wont be listening much from their end for another year :).

Me and Vijay travelled from Hyd to Goa and the rest of gang joined at puna.
Me,vijay,DUsh,Prash,Vilya,Sharad and Gajbaj.And Prashant,our perfect host,the lucky guy who has been working at Panaji ICICI for past year.

And the Journey started….

Ghats on Puna-Goa road are simply breathtaking !!!
add a driver who was a madman ( according to me ),and you would know what I mean by breathtaking.Yup there were enough moments which took my breath away as our driver was driving as if he was an auto driver.

I had heard a lot about Goa.the scenic beaches,the laidback lifestyle of goans,the food ,the number of foreigners visiting the place ….

I found it far more beautiful than I had envisaged !!

I had been to many beaches before but beaches at goa are a class apart.You can spend an entire day just sitting at hotels adjucent to beaches,go on chatting with friends,cathcing with their lives ,and for folks who drink ,a bottle of chilled beer and they wont mind spending rest of life there :).

In the Mornings,I used to wake up early and roam around Panaji taking some real beauty snaps along with Prashant.
Goans prefer leading their lives their own way.You wont find roads to be crowded before ten because of laidback lifestyle here.I read on net before going to Goa that,if you have got to enjoy the placead just yourself with Goan lifestyle.

With some of snaps I took,I am sure I can participate some of amateur photography contests πŸ™‚

We started off with Calangute Beach ,a heavily crowded beach,so I didnt like it much .
Then our guide led us to some isolated beaches .I am not sure why there were not many people there ,but I found this beach immensly beautiful.We spent 4-5 hours playing in water at this beach.
The wonderful thing about some of beaches at goa is ,shallow water levels.
You can comfortably walk in these beaches for about 100-200 meters,where sea water is pretty stable and you can enjoy a lot as the waves are not going to throw you off the track.

We spent most of the time visiting beaches ,we were simply besotted by the beauty of them.Usually one tends to be fed up with beaches as all beaches are going to be more or less similar.But this simply does not hold good with Goa.Each one is beauty in its own right.
One thing we all were looking forward to was FOrd Aguada,the place where one of most beautiful moments of Dil Chahta Hai was shot.
The place from where Amir Khan says ” Hamari bhi jindagi bhi in naav ki tarah hai,abhi to sab paas me hai par kuch salon ke baad kaun kahan rahega koi bharosa nahi hai,Milna to door baat karna bhi mushkil ho jayega”
and finally we all were there.
We proclaimed that we all will always be close friends irrespective of the distances,and we always will be in touch.

With Ford Aguada,we ended our first day.On the return journey we got to see shooting of Movie Honemoon ,we got to see Shabana Aazmi,BOman Irani and KK.

Second day again,we went to various beaches ,and day was concluded with Dinner at Vasco, a beachside restaurant.We spent almost 3 hours chatting there ,and it was almost 2 AM by the time we hit the sack.

Third day,it was Old Goa and MadhGaon,we visited the stadium ,tried to get into stadium to see the practice session without any luck.Visited some of friends` places who were working there .The 400 years old famous Saint Francis church was beautiful.

and then we started on return journey same night.

I thought three days were just not enough to see the place.You should spare atleat an entire week to thoroughly enjoy the place.

After all there are not many plaesures which would be as satisfying as lying by beachside,and reading some novel ( A message in The Bottle would be my bet πŸ™‚ ) all day.
I was thinking to do this but just could not spare time.Yeah,had a chance to watch the INdia-England match at beachside hotel along with English supporters.

We returned next morning puna,immensly satisified with journey and mighty tired.
I was planning to catch up with many friends that day but Monday being a working day ,I decided against disturbing junta.So spent entire day sleeping and watching cricket match.
Evening went to visit Sunil` flat .I had missed on house warming of his flat in Jan so I was really looking forward to this visit.
Now me and Sunil aka Bond are bosom pals.But it had been two years since we met.So it was bit nostalgic moment for both of us.we chatted for couple of hours just like good old days,and later we were joined by NT.It was sad that I could not spend good amount of time with them.
WE shared good and bad times,in those couple of hours ,and while leaving the place I promised myself that I was going to come back to Puna again and spend couple of days with all the friends.
And then,we started with return journey….
It made me bit sad as many of friends had moved to chennai,banglore,mumbai ,US,AUS from Puna.So puna was not as much happening as it was a couple of years ago,when I was there for few months.

With lots of fond memories πŸ™‚ of wonderful time ,fun that we had, jokes ( especially ones by Dushyant AKA Bhai ,who has got out of the world sense of humor ,we are planning to nominate him Fo Indian Laughter Challenge Show,he drew all of us crazy with his witty replies ) and that were shared with best friends ,and not mention the Beautiful Goa.I will sure visit the place again !!!!!


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  1. Rams said, on April 10, 2006 at 4:40 am

    Ek Number Appya! Me mighty inspired to Go Goa now πŸ™‚
    Oh yeah…some of the snaps (like the ‘one fine morning’) could indeed fetch you a nomination amateur photography award πŸ˜‰

  2. Dusha said, on April 10, 2006 at 5:04 am

    Bravo ! Kudos for you brother! While reading this write up I could not stop myself to go in flashback for a moment. May Lord make you pen down many more Travelogues, Cheers.

  3. Vids said, on April 10, 2006 at 5:05 am

    Good to see the new look blog – nice presentation I must say. Me too looking forward to “Go Goa” after been through this post of yours. Well your photography is a welcome breeze, ya do try out the amateur photography award.

  4. Pavan said, on April 12, 2006 at 2:14 pm

    awesome trip kada! Goa is one place I havent been to. Now this travelouge makes me feel. πŸ™‚

  5. Joshna said, on April 13, 2006 at 5:26 am

    Very much intresting Apoorv. I will also try to visit GOA. Nice writing πŸ™‚

  6. Apoorv said, on April 13, 2006 at 2:52 pm

    Thanks All !! I shall post few more beautful snaps over long weekend .

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