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Chennai Days with Gupta and The Gang!!

Posted in Nostalgia, Personal by Apoorv on November 12, 2006

After joining cognizant,I was at chennai for close to 14 months before I made move to hyderabad.
Today,Suddenly started thinking of those wonderful days I spent in chennai ,as one of my roomies Gupta is moving to Puna after staying there for close to 2 and half years.
A nostalgic moment it is.Though I am no longer there,I still somehow feel that something is missing from my life with Gupta no longer being in chennai .
To begin with,we used to crib a lot.Training period was horrible.
But life was better once we moved to house.House owner being retired wing commander.A Man of words.I admire him a lot.
There after it was circus with 6 of us staying together in three BHK house.our house was never short of action.
scribbled a mail to all roomies on occasion of gupta`s move to puna ,who happens to be a fine human being.This scribbling  shud pretty much sum up the chennai days(of course censored it a bit to retain some of the skeletons intact in the cupboard 😀 . Here I go.

Finally,Gupta`s tryst with chennai is ending (ahem, well hopefully 😛 .  As we all know it may , it may not  ) .
Wish you all the best,Gupta.Thodasa initial reluctance rahega mann me,about new place.but dont worry,everything would be alright.Khobra,ramnya and me have loads of friends there. so I am sure you won’t face much problem there.
pata nahi gupta chennai se puna ja raha hai par mujhe yaha ajeebsa lag raha hai.
The days I spent at chennai were truely memorable  with gupta,saket verma,khobra,bhau,watal,Mridu,Nandini and Dey.(Rams being the last entrant to the circle after my exit.)
Though there were many problems we faced in chennai initially,looking back now,I feel I enjoyed my stay at chennai a lot with kind of friends I had there in form of you all…
and with time,we all are moving on in life.
Mridu got married to Nandini and moved to his place.Their marriage is something I will always cherish.A fairytale kind of affair , one of those love stories which would not happen even in bollywood Lucky bastard Mridu is :)) . Still waiting for snaps of his marriage.
Vermaji ka shadi,which is round the corner .sabse bada khiladi aadmi humme se 🙂 .
Till date,whenever I remember saket telling us about how he landed up in jail aur salakho ke piche se hath bahar nikaal ke “Maa hume bacha lo…” karke , he shouted 😀 ,I end up laughing like anything..
and that tale of shikari babu ,the guy who was thrashed by all seniors everyday in their first year was awesome :).
And the funniest part of the stay was new year party when me , khobra and varma three of us gorged over about 5 pounds of chicken 🙂 .we were devils incarnate that night :).
khobra ka gym craze,aur diet change ,the efforts he put up to  build physique were commendable ,but the effort at the end slightly backfired .He ended up with a potbelly 😀
Gupta ,not to mention was jaan of our place.His witty one liners were something which nobody ever dared to mess with .
The runaway couple that we got married at one of temples again is something we will always remember .   I wish they  are doing good .                                                                  aur bhau , the non-resident room partner of us in those days , used to be with us on weekends :).
Those dinners at beach side restaurants basera and Miami were amazing . That chilly chicken at City Gate.Those visits to Spencers ,for all those pretty faces out there 😉  . Besantnagar beach,Thiruvanmiyur beach.Those blog friends I made there .
And not to mention highly fun filled trips to ooty and Kodai .
chalo me getting bit nostalgic here…can keep on writing like this,will better stop. .
And I do wish someday again we can spend a day together in chennai.or catch up over marriage of one of us.
To quote Ramnya`s words ,
who knows this could ever happen or not, as Kishor da has sung “Jindagi ke safar main gujar jate hai jo makam….wo fir nahi aate…wo…fir nahi aate.”
The fond memories are going to be with us forever for sure,though.                                       PS : Dont forget to read Ramnya`s take on those days in chennai.He has come up with an out of the world image :). Please click here to Visit Raman`s Blog.          

Here are couple of snapshots out of those beautiful days.  First one with Gupta ,second one with watal ( aka Psycho ) and Khobra.                           

Gupta N me Monkey Business !!


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  1. Rams said, on November 12, 2006 at 7:05 pm

    Yup, such was the enigma, can’t put everything in a blog 😀
    But still a commendable effort by you , giving each one of us a chance to relive those moments 🙂

  2. Simi said, on November 13, 2006 at 9:03 pm

    I understand m not a rite person 4 commenting…but i know these are some memories which we all will carry….hope u all meet soon

  3. Ashley said, on November 14, 2006 at 5:03 am

    Good god ..Seems you continued collgee life fun at Chennai to … :-). Pretty cool!

  4. Apoorv said, on November 14, 2006 at 6:37 pm

    Thankoo simi and Ashely 🙂

  5. saket verma said, on December 28, 2006 at 9:48 am

    good one appu. mast likhe ho…. 🙂

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