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Apy valentines Day !

Posted in Dil Vil Pyar Vyar, Musings by Apoorv on February 14, 2007

To one and all !
Dont have much to say ,so copy pasting something I wrote two years ago on valentines day eve.

So the day passed ,many hearts might have united and many might have broken.No harm in ruminating on the day ,I guess .
Like every year ,this year also I woke up with lot of optimism ,got ready and reached the office.I dint know why, but I had this notion ,that something is in store for me today ,and my life will change for better.
Once I reached office ,Something was missing,was not receiving any of those happy valentines day mails,even the friends,who are known for forwarding all the junk in the world ,were unusually calm.It was really intriguing ,so me decided to send a mail wishing all of them.Over the years,most of my friends lost their hopes to the extent that they were not even willing to acknowledge the day,or they joined the saffron brigade ,I dont know.
Me ,understanding the gravity of day,went to food court of tidel park ,instead of our canteen for lunch,and there was lot of action going on there.a DJ ,lots of gifts,and people were dedicating the songs to their loved ones.For a moment ,I also thought of dedicating a song to my loved ones,but as soon as I reached to them ,they wrapped up the songs session ,and began with giving away the gifts ,to the folks who answered to the phoney questions they were asking.I returned back ,to work ,albeit slightly frustrated.I was thinking what I shall do next.
I was creating insurance claims as my project work after lunch, and an idea struck my mind ,I started creating claims ,and dedicating every claim to the crushes i had over the years in the past.That made me feel lot better :).
Rest of day was predictable ,nothing happened ,me slept at night listening to songs Rehna Hai tere dil me ,and planning for next V day 🙂 …


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  1. Chittaranjan said, on February 14, 2007 at 10:48 am

    V Day down down! F Day Zindabad!

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