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A Dinner to remember !

Posted in Food, Life.. by Apoorv on March 24, 2007

The occasion was friend had purchased brand new used car 🙂 . And we decided to hit the road ,roam around Jersey and gorge over some good food .
we decided to first do some pet pooja and reached Indian Restaurant called Cinnamon nearby our place, bit costly ,but we were in no mood really to care about the expenses that day 😀 .
The ambience at the place was justifiable to what they were charging.Besides the main reason we were there was ,we had gathered that they serve wondeful biryani 🙂 .The music was befitting to the occasion. It was mix of old numbers and Jagjeet numbers. And me was enjoying them to the fullest.and the three friends of mine were scratching their heads making sense out of the music 😀 .2 haandis of biryani , rotis ,chicken Tikka , Fish fry were ordered.
The things started rolling when discussion drifted to one of us four`s ( now I ain’t taking names here ! ) troubled love life ,which at moment is shaky .poor guy is facing tough time deciding to go / no go ahead .
so The wisest among us started giving away Gyaan .
” Dekho yaar , maine toh jindagi me hamesha se yahi principle follow kiya hai . When in doubt ,go ahead and propose.And then think of consequences later. And I never repented over what I did .”
” Man, how many girls did you propose so far ? ” came the question. And I was in splits coz I knew the answer.
” paanch baari ,yaar.and every time No was the answer but atleast I wont ever live with regret that I didnt convey my thoughts.aur agar in future ,If I feel like I am in love I sure will go ahead and  propose.sidhasa funda hai yaar apne life ka ! ”
And then over the dinner, nitty gritties of all the five attempts were discussed with lots of interest which again had us in splits .The takeaways out of discussion were helpful ,all the rest felt at the end 🙂 .
we had tough time finishing food .There was this enigmatic ,haunting effect on me due to the wonderful music being played there. I was tired of luaghing incessantly over the dinner ,and I am sure ppl sitting around us would have been bugged big time 🙂 .
Then we hit the road again, the original plan was to go and watch 300 movie but we had not checked the show timings ,and when we reached theatre , we were informed the last show started before half an hour .slightly disappointed,we started roaming around again for another hour.It was fun filled evening to say the least ,surely one of the best we had since we came down !!
BTW The bill was paid by the proud owner of the new car !


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