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Happy Budday ,Yeyy !!

Posted in Life.., Nostalgia by Apoorv on March 31, 2007

I am an year old !!
Budday !
Dear reader , am glad to celebrate my first Birthday with you !
I saw this beautiful world first time on 9th April last year .In a week`s time I would be one year old.
It was your support and appreciations which encouraged me flourish to my present form.And I look forward to your affection in future !
I have been witness of journey , a journey called life … The journey filled with moments of fun , frolic , joy ,sorrows ,pain. The year started with beautiful journey to Goa which filled me with everlasting memories to cherish !
And then it was about journey of Rams finding his soulmate in reel life ( his hunt in real life still continues 🙂 ) .This journey I think was equally enjoyed by one and all who read it ,who witnessed it thru my eyes !
There were few poignant questions asked by Maddi to God about when he would find his girl ,and what was the rationale behind the so called injustice meted out to him 🙂 .
There were few introspections ,looking back over the bittersweet memories,the deliberations and the road ahead.
There were moments when obligations of material world kept me away from you all 😦 .
There were birthdays and marriages celebrated !!
so were old friends cherished ..
you were enlightened with various ways of pataofying pottis 🙂
The movies ,the sitcoms , we ruminated over them all .
And then there were rants ,there was frustration of moving to US leaving behind friends.
There were wonderful dinners on the way and there were beautiful evenings spent too !
And there is lot more that would come your way in the future .
I have been the tree beneath which new friendships were made , old memories and friendships were cherished ,thoughts were exchanged , the future plans were made ,the frustration was vented .
Thats me , your footprints that you left on the sand of life ..
Let the year two roll on . And it looks even more promising than the one that passed by . sit in my shadow and I shall try to entertain you the way I had been doing !!


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  1. Rams said, on March 31, 2007 at 11:02 pm

    Tum jiyo jazaro saal… 😉

  2. Chittaranjan said, on April 1, 2007 at 11:29 am

    Blogwa ka Janamdin hae? Mubarka……mithai??

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