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The Butterfly Effect ..

Posted in Life.., Musings, Travel by Apoorv on December 14, 2007

Given a chance would you like to change something in your past ? a friend asked .

I wud say I really wont . I am happy with my succeess and I am incomplete without my faillures and mistakes and the lessons learnt from them .  watched this movie called “The Butterfly effect ” recently ( would advise everyone to atleast read about this phenomenon on wiki ) and read quite a bit about The chaos Theory , and realised that life is but a game of snakes and ladders. outcome of a series of decisions that one takes . so there really is no point in ruing about what you could have done and what you couldnt have . past is past .

 I seek a future though with plenty of fun , perfect balance of work and personal life .spare time for various things in life I always craved to do .
To start with , The lazybee in me yearns to shed some weight 😀 .
The enthusiast in me yearns to take up photography as a serious hobby  . I have been reading about the art and appreaciating works of others on flickr quite a lot , of late . And probably take a shot at writing something good , after long time .
The careless me yearns to be bit more organized .
The wanderlust in me yearns to see new places , spend a month in goa ,observe the people ,their way of living , appreciate the scenic beauty all over again , watching the sun rising and setting at those beautiful beaches  . I would love to spend a week at vizag and araku valley ( which btw is going to happen soon 🙂 ) .
standing on beachside and looking towards the horizon ,the vastness of this world gives me a high , like it would have to the sailors . It feels like I am peeking into the future , makes me feel immensely peaceful . yes , I would love to go for boat ride  from Rajmandry to Bhadrachalam in month of chilly winter . They talk a lot about god`s own country . I wud love to go there too some day . And there are so many other places too . Having never travelled to northern part of India , the land sadly remains unexplored 😦 .  There is no end to the wishlist  🙂 . would end this one with beautiful lines by Mirza Ghalib  🙂 .

hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dum nikle
bahot nikle mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle

…thousands of desires, each worth dying for…
many of them I have realized…yet I yearn for more…

wah wah !
This might very well be the last one for this year . or I could write one more . Anyway wishing everyone a very prosperous and fun filled new year .


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  1. Dayanand said, on December 15, 2007 at 4:12 pm

    good one ..appu….

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