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Life post MBA !

Posted in Musings, Personal by Apoorv on August 2, 2010

ok, so its been about 13 months since I posted something on my blog here. I happened to stumble upon my own blog when one of friends read something here and told me that he liked the post. In this fast paced age of facebook and twitter, somehow my blog took the backseat.
phew,so where do I start now , now that I have decided to resurrect this place from dormance . why not talk about what life is been all about ,right from MBA days at great lakes and the career after that.
so here I go. one year at Great lakes just flew by. I entered the campus with uncertain mind ,not sure whether it was right time to go for MBA thanks to the slowdown and gloomy economy. However as year passed by, I drew confidence and was glad to have been part of something which I always wanted. Peer learning , learning from faculty was just great at Great lakes thanks to avarage work ex of students of about 4 years and the faculty being the best who came from all over the world to teach us.
one year at Great lakes made me very competitive and significantly changed my perspective towards life. and if any aspiring students are reading this blog and wish to my opinion on whether you should go for Great lakes, it would be resounding yes.
And here I am now, working at United healthGroup in Hyderabad ,working on something which I always wanted to, so that marks fairytale ending to my MBA career path, a dream job to start with. Life is pretty much stable now after oscillating widly outside comfort zone for an year.
There are few posts which I wish to write subsequent to this one which would take a bit of scratching the brain on my part but I should complete those articles. one would be about my two cents on placements process and survival guide for job aspirants at campus. I wish to follow it up with a short story that I wanted to write for a while.

Adios for now !


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  1. Rams said, on August 10, 2010 at 5:37 am

    Looking forward to see upcoming posts from you 🙂

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