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Too much information and too many choices.

Posted in Economics, Musings by Apoorv on September 8, 2010

I read this term Too much information and too many choices yesterday while reading the book Future files: A brief History of next 50 years by Richard watson. The author predicts that we all will suffer from Too much of information for too many choices we would come across while making decision. And I really dont think we need to wait for too long to face this situation. It is already happening in India.
I purchased my last cell phone 2 years ago. It was pretty easy choice then. It was Nokia all the way , I just had to pick one which would suit my budget the best. And in stray cases, I would browse through handsets of Samsung and Ericsson.
Buying car was no different. I had about 2-3 models to study from Maruti and Hyundai stable and pick the one – most of time which would be Maruti and go ahead with it.
A whole generation has been raised with Maggi Noodles as their favorite junk food.
And now, all this is changing. I had to make 3-4 visits to the cellphone shoppy to narrow down on one. Every time we went to buy one, we were swamped by about 10-15 different models. It was draining to go back and research for the best one.
Buying car is not any easy either. You end up struggling to decide which one you go for ,given that there are
many competing models within each price segment.
And when I go to supermarket, I struggle to decide whether I go with tried and tested Maggi, or opt for Froodles, souply noodles.
Internet has made our lives easier in many ways, but getting the right information you need is still a cant help but be swamped by volumes of information that is there which one needs to sift through before arriving at an opinion or conclusion.
There should be , I am sure , business models evolving around this problem and I hope they would make lives of us all easier !!


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