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whats in the name ?

Posted in Uncategorized by Apoorv on July 9, 2009

” whats in the name ? ” , said Bard centuries ago .

I say a lot. Especially when you share your name with 7 other people in the class . Today the class was asked to sit in Alphabetical order and to the astonishment of everyone , we realized that there are 8 Abhisheks in class occupying larger part of first row 🙂 .
Now I had unique name all along thru my life , and whenever Apoorv or Appu was called for , I was the only one to answer . Not any more . Apurva , my namesake lives couple of doors next to me. Many times I need to answer the door bell only to find that next door Apurva was the one who was being looked for . Most of my namesake`s not so good deeds seem to be mistaken to be that of mine from time to time 🙂 .
If this is the sort of confusion I am facing with 1 namesake , imagine how bad it would be for 8 Abhisheks .
Bottomline is Be careful when you name your kid and let me him be as unique as possible !!


Mr Shivraj Patil , Please Go .

Posted in Uncategorized by Apoorv on September 14, 2008

Dear Sir ,

Only thing you have done consistently over your tenure as Home Minister of India is to utter as many senseless statements as you could . Having been raised in the constituency which you represented for long time ( you did absolutely nothing for the place , either ) , I cant help but feel the shame . you have been playing old tape blasts after blasts . There has been no action from you or your ministry which could convince common man that they are safe in India . Yes sir, people across all metros are reluctant to venture out of their homes on weekends for more than an year now . I dont feel as much annoyed for these terrorists as I feel about you today . You call terrorists cowards . I really am not sure who exactly is one . So far, you blamed all terrorist attacks being planned across the border . But now when the threat is clearly home grown , and IM is claiming the responsibility for attacks , I am sure you are running short of excuses . Terrorists would plan attacks , and lest you forget ,its job of you to ensure internal security is in place to handle this menace . Terrorists are not as big a concern as you are ,today .

when you ham the statements like these , blood of distraught people is boiling . I seriously doubt you comprehend the menace of terrorism enough when you say that those are our brothers who have taken up the wrong path of terrorism and its our responsibility to bring them back to mainstream .

For god`s sake sir , Please quit before people lose the faith in the internal security of nation . Half of major cities had blasts during your tenure . for love of other half metros , please make way for someone who can do better job .

– A concerned citizen .

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Posted in Uncategorized by Apoorv on September 24, 2006

Aah,its been ages,since I wrote something….
For the uninitiated,I moved to New Jersey about a month ago.
And all the usual things kept me busy in the alien land fomr some time.
Problems had been unusually troublesome,though.Am put up in hotel which is middle of nowhere.Its jungle out here.Didnt get much chance to roam around ,see nearby places.
I hope I would be good once I move to apartment in october from this hotel.
Its been close to one month here for me.And I dont have any snaps to share either :d….
Am scratching my head,but am not being able to think of writing something at the moment :(,so I guess I would better stop here.Till I can think of writing something worthwhile,take care.